Portland Boat Mattress FAQs

Common questions from boat owners

Q:  If I measure incorrectly and my boat mattress doesn’t fit, can I return it?
A:  Our Place and Trace Pattern Kit is very easy to use and we guarantee that if you use our kit and follow our simple instructions, your mattress will fit perfectly.  If for some reason it does not fit, we’ll replace it at no charge.


Q: How long will it take to get my boat mattress? 
A:  Once we receive your pattern, we will ship your mattress in 2-4 weeks.  ** Due to Covid it is taking longer for us to get some of our supplies so shipment may be longer.


Q:  My boat mattress is a strange shape, not like any of the pictures on your website. Can you still make a mattress for my boat? 
A:  Absolutely.  We can make a mattress in any size or shape.  We’ve made thousands of mattresses over the years and I’m sure we’ve already made one similar to yours.


Q:  I have storage under my mattress. Will I be able to access that storage space?
A:  Yes, we can make a “hinge” in your mattress that will allow your mattress to fold wherever necessary for easy access to the storage space.  And there is no charge!


Q:  Will I feel the hinge?
A:  No. When testing mattresses most people don’t even know they are lying on the hinge.


Q:  Why do you recommend Latex over other types of foam? 
A:  Latex is the perfect material for the marine environment because it doesn’t mold or mildew, does not get hot, and is extremely comfortable.  Our sister company, Portland Mattress Makers, makes thousands of innerspring and memory foam mattresses every year, but we feel strongly that Latex is the best choice for the marine environment.


Q:  I live far away from you. Can you ship a boat mattress to me? 
A:  Yes, we ship all over the United States and Canada.


Q:  Is my boat mattress able to get wet? 
A:  No, the boat mattresses we build are similar to the ones you have at home. They are not meant to get wet.  To protect your mattress, we recommend one of our custom made, waterproof mattress pads.


Q:  If I want to order accessories like sheets or mattress protectors at a later date, is that possible? 
A:   Yes, we keep your mattress pattern on file so we can make sheets or mattress pads at a later date.


Q:  How long do your boat mattresses last? 
A:  We offer a 10-year warranty on all of our boat mattresses.  Our warranty covers all workmanship and materials.


Q: Should I take the mattress out of the boat at the end of the season? 
A:  Yes, we recommend that you take your mattress off your boat in the off season, especially in the more northern climates.  If removal is not possible, we recommend laying the mattress at an angle.