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Portland Boat Mattress Sizing Kit

Place & Trace for a Custom Fit

Congratulations! You have selected the boat mattress that is guaranteed to fit your boat.

The Place & Trace Kit is simple:

  1.  PLACE IT.  Remove your existing mattress and  place the plastic patterning material on to your berth
  2.  TRACE IT.  Trace the outline of your berth
  3.  MAIL IT.  Send your completed pattern back to us in the same box.

The kit includes everything you need including patterning plastic, a marker for tracing the outside edge of your berth as well as a return shipping address labeled back to us. Whether your berth is a simple design or a unique layout, the Place & Trace kit is an easy process that gives us a guide to make the perfect mattress for your berth.

We will start working on your customized boat mattress as soon as your kit arrives.

How simple is it? In this short video, we asked random people to try their hand at using the kit. Everyone was surprised by how simple it really was!

Watch how easy it was for #2WomenSailing to get their custom boat mattress: