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Portland Boat Mattress Delivers a Good Night’s Sleep
With a Guaranteed Perfect Fit for Your Ideal Comfort!

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We make custom boat mattresses to fit berths of all shapes and sizes… it’s what we do. We know we can make one to fit yours even though your berth may be a unique shape or size.

Welcome to Portland Boat Mattress!

At Portland Boat Mattress, our boat mattresses are handcrafted by skilled mattress makers in Portland, Maine. Our mattresses sail on vessels of all sizes all around the world. We specialize in fitting to berths that are uniquely sized and shaped. Plus, every mattress is guaranteed to fit or we will remake it for you. No questions. No hassles.

You Choose the Boat Mattress – We Make it Fit

Follow our three simple steps to select the boat mattress for your ideal comfort.  Once we receive your order, we will send our Place & Trace kit to you. The kit includes everything you need to trace the outline of your berth.  It’s quick and easy with step-by-step instructions provided. When completed, this simple pattern will provide everything we need to build a boat mattress customized to fit your berth.

Three simple steps are all it takes to order your new boat mattress.


Measure your mattress at its widest point– the width determines the price of your mattress:
Small = Up to 38″  |  Medium = 39″ – 60″  |  Large = 60″+


Choose from the Brunswick, Camden or Eastport mattress.
Then select your comfort: Plush, Medium-Firm, or Firm


Place your order either online or by phone